Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And she's off!

Leah is officially walking now (and has been for several weeks now). She has mastered walking and tonight when Kyle and I took Jendi for a walk, Leah walked much of it ALL BY HERSELF! She finally figured out how to stand up by herself (she was pulling herself up on things) and now very rarely crawls. Crazy for a 10 month old. I can't believe my baby is walking, but she is just oh-so-cute! And... still my little angel. The most trouble she gets into is splashing in the dog's water dish.

So... here are some photos and videos of our beautiful girl.

Here she is kissing (more like licking) her reflection in the dishwasher.

Shortly after I took this picture, she stood up all by herself for the first time!

While this isn't the best video, it's pretty cute to see her walking. She's much more steady now, but still! Check out all the chunk on those legs!!!