Thursday, July 8, 2010


I had the week off of work, so Kyle and I decided we would go on vacation. Since we only go to Maine about once a year to be with my dad for Thanksgiving, I decided we should go in the summer for a few extra days.

Yes. Maine is called "Vacationland."

Anyway, we had a nice time. The drive up wasn't too bad. We drove Friday night; we left at about 6 P.M. and got there about 4 A.M. It's nice driving at night because there is no traffic. Also, Leah sleeps all night, so it makes the drive easier for her as well! It's not a bad drive overall, but the last 3 hours are the worst.

Picture this. You work all day. You drive for 6-7 hours. It's the middle of the night. You hit the Maine border. "Yay," you think to yourself, "I'm in Maine! Not much longer now..." Wrong! I'm from Bangor, which is about halfway through the state. So, you still have 3 hours of driving left. In the middle of the night. I-95 in Maine is DEAD. You are driving for 3 hours with nothing to look at (just pine trees), very rarely will you pass a town (and when you do, you just see a few buildings from the road), and zero traffic. As Kyle puts it, you're lucky to see 1 car every half hour or so.

Those 3 hours are the longest part of the drive. Either way.

Nevertheless, we still got home! Jendi was pretty good, the baby slept, Kyle stayed awake the whole drive. We went to bed around 4 and got a few hours of sleep before Leah and Jendi woke me up.

That day (after everyone finally got up) we decided to go to Acadia National Park. We were going to go to an oceanarium that my brother, sister, and I loved as kids, but... after dad missed it a few times and we finally got there... it was closed!!! Oh well. So we drove to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse and had a nice picnic on the rocks.

That is a picture of me wearing my new Beco Butterfly II. It is such an awesome carrier! There is NO way we could have done the hikes we did without a carrier of some sort. But then... I don't need to tell you about my obsession with babywearing. You already know... ;)

We then went up to the top of Cadillac Mountain to walk around a little bit and take some pictures (Kyle forgot the camera in the car, although dad and Julianna took plenty). Then we decided to drive to Great Head and hike there, ending up at Sand Beach.

I assure you, that water was COLD. Leah had so much fun laughing at the waves, though!

One Sunday, we took it easy. My sister and I cleaned our cars! My van has never looked so pretty. I vacuumed and cleaned everything. Then I washed it! It was so hot (not as hot as here, but still) and it felt so good to spray cold water everywhere. Leah, meanwhile, played with daddy and Jendi; running around, splashing in the wading pool. Then she got tired. So daddy put her in the Beco, walked around the block, and she was out cold! Naptime on daddy's back... score! Then, being patriotic as we are, we met up with the Winters at our favorite Chinese buffet. Yum!

Monday was a day of relaxing. We hung around the house, did some grocery shopping, took a nap. Then Kyle, Leah, and I went to visit Destiny at the store she works: the Natural Living Center. It's basically a huge health food store. I splurged and bought myself a new water bottle which I LOVE. It's glass and has a silicone sleeve to protect it. Seriously. Love. That night, we had lobsters and steak and corn on the cob for dinner. Yummy!

Tuesday was our busy day. We went to my dad's office first thing in the morning to pick out new glasses (my dad is an ophthalmologist). Then we went to my friend's barn, Tykenbay Acres. Julianna and Kyle went riding and Leah was thrilled to pet the horses! She was going to sit on a horse, but it started to rain and the horse was looking a little spooked. Next time!

Yesterday was a pretty good drive. We hit zero traffic and got home in about 9 hours! Leah was very good. She napped a lot and played or talked. When she got bored, I'd hop in the back with her (yay for a van!) and she'd hold out a book for me to read. Overall, a lovely vacation. And, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few extra random pictures from the trip.

Here she is, hugging Puppy in her carseat...

throwing shoes down the stairs...

and reading in the car.


  1. Throwing shoes down the stairs... now that is a fun thing to do!! :o)

  2. looks like you guys had a great time--- what beautiful personal favorite is Leah with the lobster...and- sounds like you really got a chance to break your BECO in!!!! glad you are home safely:) xoxox