Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Autumn... and some updates!

It has been SO long since I last posted... over a month! I suppose I just haven't felt inspired enough to post anything for the world to see. At any rate, today is a lovely rainy autumn Sunday and I thought that I may as well write!

Nothing too exciting has happened in the past month. Summer is over and I'm mourning it dreadfully. My girls (that I take care of), Leah, and I had such a wonderful summer. We made some fantastic new friends and were out constantly doing fun things. Picnics, walks, splashing in the creek, feeding the ducks, butterfly sanctuaries, swimming, peach picking... just to name a few! Now, however, Grace has started afternoon kindergarten and I can no longer get out of the house easily to do anything. Soon, Gigi will be starting preschool two mornings a week and my life will get even busier. Such is life, I suppose.

Leah is growing up so quickly! She now runs (as fast as she possibly can) everywhere and has permanently skinned knees. She takes off running on a regular basis and eventually trips and crashes on her knees. She then stands up, at which point I see blood pouring down her legs, and starts running again! The mother in me panics a little as I try to stop her (just to make sure she's really okay). Leah's reaction? She whines and tries to push me away as I'm grabbing her. She doesn't care AT ALL about her knees. Definitely a toughie. :)

Leah's favorite foods lately have been mushrooms, cantaloupe, and watermelon, although that's just naming a few. I've recently realized that she's definitely more of a salty than sweet kind of girl. I don't offer her cookies or anything like that very often, but when I do, she frequently tastes it once and is done... not that I mind! She loves her fruit, but will sooner eat a pretzel than a cookie. In fact, she's much like her daddy; she sucks the salt off her pretzel and then eats it! Quite amusing, actually.

She has also become a pro at giving hugs and kisses. She blows kisses to anyone and everyone, saying "muah" as she does it. She adores her daddy and kisses him at every opportunity (we don't see him too much as his work hours have been crazy). One night, she woke up around 4 in the morning, leaned way over Daddy, put her nose to his and said, "HI!" I was so afraid that she was wide awake, because her eyes were wide open and she was smiling away. Daddy said, "Hi. Go back to sleep." I laid her back down, and she fell right back to sleep. She had woken up only to say hi! What a sweet heart.

I have become completely obsessed with knitting. I have at least half a dozen projects at any given time and am happy to say that I've already finished several Christmas gifts. I've fallen in love with cabling and have made some gorgeous scarves with fantastic cables! I keep looking at them and can't believe that I actually made them! I'm currently working on a stuffed bunny for Leah (hopefully a Christmas gift!) and some legwarmers for her as well. This is my "real" first time working in the round with double pointed needles. While I can't say that I love the dpns, I'm very proud that I'm figuring it out all by myself!

I will leave you with some pictures from the past few weeks and the promise of an amazing recipe for pumpkin cookies in another post. ;)

Here we are, petting the farm animals with a dear friend after picking peaches!

Leah loves chasing animals (especially squirrels and robins!).

And she clearly can talk to animals, as she is obviously having a serious conversation with our dog, Jendi.

My gorgeous girl, smiling in the tub.

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  1. so sweet!!!!!
    we love you both and are so thankful for your friendship!